Established in 1985

Chemical Consultants Inc., is the pioneer in formulating and manufacturing of compliance chemicals for the screenprinting industry. CCI has further expanded its expertise by manufacturing premium emulsions for any application. Also by partnering with some of the worlds finest mills, CCI is able to supply the screenprinting industry premium mesh at an affordable price. In addition to the extensive and still growing product line, CCI continues to lead the industry in automated screen cleaning and reclaiming equipment that offer advanced features and user friendly functions. It is our commitment to catering to the ever demanding needs of the industry that will enable CCI to continue to lead the way in the 21st century.

Our Team

Antonio Triscari


Antonio Triscari is the original founder of CCI in 1985.  Antonio was instrumental in building CCI as a leader in formulating and manufacturing of compliance chemicals for the screen-printing industry.  Antonio received his BA at Cal State, Fullerton.  Antonio has served in many capacities over the years and most recently he serves as Emeritus Chief Executive Officer.

Daniel Boren


Dan Boren joined CCI in 1985. He first joined CCI as an Equipment Specialist.  He currently operates CCI as President and continues to oversee product development.  He leads CCI’s teams for legal, communications, corporate development/mergers and acquisitions and product quality operations.

Bonni Dorr

Corporate Manager

Bonni Dorr is CCI’s Corporate Manager.  She has over 30 years` experience in accounting and management in the manufacturing sector.  She joined CCI in 1986 and has held several positions leading to her current position.

Nick Collins

Head Chemist

Nick Collins joined CCI in 2009. Nick`s primary responsibilities are to oversee the R & D lab functions and continue to support quality control in adherence with CCI’s and governmental regulations.  Nick, originally from the U.K., has unmatched international chemical experience and background.  Nick comes to CCI most recently from Nor-Cote International, Inc. in Singapore. His background includes working with Chaiyaboon Brothers Co, Ltd in Thailand and Sericol Global in the U.K.

Trisha Pagano


Trisha joined CCI in 2014 to oversee distributor sales and company operations.  Trisha earned her MBA at Rochester Institute of Technology, Saunders School of Business.

Sanaa Lassos

Human Resources

Sanaa has been with CCI since 2010. Her primary responsibilities as Human Resource includes recruiting, benefits, safety training, company policy and procedures. Sanaa holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from the University of California, Riverside and an Associate Degree in Science.

Yaridella Guzman

Administrative Support

Yari has been with CCI since 2013. She started out working in the warehouse, and in 2014 was promoted to work as a Customer Service Team Member. Her responsibilities now include order processing, data entry, and FedEx Shipping. She is also fluent in Spanish and English. 

Cinthia Vasquez

Administrative Support

Cinthia has been with CCI since 2010.  In addition to Customer Support, Cinthia is responsible for the screen re-stretching orders.  She is also fluent in Spanish and English.

Wendy Millikan

Purchasing & Shipping Coordinator

Wendy joined CCI`s Customer Support staff in 2014.  In addition to being part of the Customer Support team, Wendy is also responsible for purchasing,  and daily carrier shipping logistics.

Lisa Michaud

Administrative Support

Lisa has been with CCI since 2005 and has over 30 years’ experience in Customer Service.  As a team player, Lisa works diligently to support customers and troubleshoot questions in a timely manner. Her primary responsibilities include Accounts Receivable, Order Processing as well as Customer Support. Lisa speaks fluent Spanish and English. 

Julio Americano

Sales Representative

Julio has been with CCI since 2008.  Julio’s territory are the San Fernando Valley, Reno Nevada, Central Coast.  Julio has over 15 years in the screen printing business.

951-735-5511, ext. 253

Frank Campas

Sales Representative

Frank has been with CCI since 1994 with half of those years in sales. Frank learned the business by starting as CCI’s chemical blending specialist.  He also worked in maintenance, shipping and product delivery.  Frank’s territory covers the Orange County area from Huntington Beach, Irvine and all cities in between up to San Dimas. He is always available for product demonstrations and always looking forward to working with customers.  When not working, you can find Frank at the gym or playing cards, swimming or hiking with his family.  Feel free to reach Frank anytime!

951-735-5511, ext. 254

Jaime Fernandez

Sales Representative

Jaime has been in the screen printing business since 1994 working in sales.  Jaime’s territory includes the San Diego, Arizona, Mexico and areas in south Riverside county.  

951-735-5511, ext. 255

Gary Fox

Sales Representative

Gary Fox has been part of the CCI sales team since 2004.  Gary’s territory includes:  South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi.

951-735-5511, ext. 256

John Hermosillo

Sales Representative

John has been with CCI since 2008 and brings over 15 years of experience in textile printing.. John`s territory includes the Greater Los Angeles area, South East Los Angeles and Long beach. John is always available for product demonstrations and to answer any of your questions or concerns. He also provides pick-up and delivery service for your screen re-stretching needs. John is bilingual as well and can be reached by email or cell phone

951-735-5511, ext. 258

Tony Hernandez

Sales Representative

Tony Hernandez started with CCI in 2010.  His territory includes Las Vegas, The Inland Empire and Mainland Mexico.

951-735-5511, ext. 259

Paul Knight

Sales Representative

Paul has been with CCI since 2005 & in the industry since 1995.  Paul covers Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Southern Wyoming, and the Wichita Kansas area.  Paul comes to CCI from GSG Texas Screen Process Supply in Dallas.  Paul enjoys traveling and golf.

951-735-5511, ext. 261

Robert Luca

Sales Representative

Robert, Executive Account Manager, has been with CCI since 1994. He is responsible for managing some of our largest distributors in the US and Central America. His territory includes North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia in addition to Central America and the Caribbean. Robert`s area of expertise includes Chemistry, Emulsions, Automated Reclamation and associated Pre-Press equipment and Water Filtration Systems. Robert also works closely with most of the large contract printers off shore as well as in the US. Robert is also a US Marine Corps veteran. Semper Fi.

951-735-5511, ext. 262

Scott McQuilkin

Sales Representative

Scott McQuilkin has been part of the CCI sales team since 1994.  Scott’s territory includes: Northern & Eastern Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Western New York, Toronto and Montreal.

951-735-5511, ext. 263

Craig Sanders

West Coast Sales Manager

Craig has been with CCI since 1998.  Craig covers Las Vegas, Orange, and Los Angeles. 

951-735-5511, ext. 224

Lee Thompson

Sales Representative

Lee has been with CCI since 1995, his territory includes Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, North & South Dakota and Winnipeg. Lee has over 30 years of industry experience and when he`s not out promoting CCI products he loves spending time with his family

951-735-5511, ext. 264

Alex Jimenez

Warehouse Manager

Alex has been with CCI since 1991. He is a vital part of CCI`s supply chain. He oversees the efficient receipt, storage, production, and dispatch of CCI`s products.

Tim Fisher

Central Regional Sales Manager

Tim has been in the screen printing industry since 1990. His background is in color management, graphic arts and production. He takes pride in hands on demos to teach customers how and why CCI products can work for them. Tim overseas sales in  WI, MN, IA, N & S Dakota, MI, OH, PA, NY, KS, CO, NE, MI, TN, MS, AL, WY, KY, IL, Toronto, Montreal and Winnipeg, Canada. 

951-735-5511, ext. 257

Valeria Harris

Customer Service Representative

Valeria joined CCI as a Customer Service Team Member in 2018. She brings over 9 years of customer service background and knowledge. Her responsibilities include order processing, data entry, and UPS Shipping. She is a currently attending Norco College to obtain her degree in Psychology. She is also fluent in Spanish and English.

Luis Mendez

Sales Representative

Luis Mendez joined CCI in 2017 bringing over 30 years of screen printing experience managing various facilities in the Florida area.  His experience and background with both equipment and consumables continues to build distributor relationships and grow sales in the state of Florida. Luis is fluent in Spanish and English.

951-735-5511, ext. 265

Arlet Bahena

Customer Service Representative and Billing Admini

Arlet joined CCI as a Customer Service Team Member in 2016, Arlet is responsible for order processing, data entry, and customer billing.  She is fluent in Spanish and English.

David Horner

Sales Representative

David joined CCI’s Sales Team in 2018. He brings with him over six years in managing and working the production end of screen printing. His knowledge of the industry and products will be an asset in providing customers with viable solutions. His territory includes: New Jersey, Eastern NY and Long Island, New England (Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts) and Eastern Pennsylvania. David earned his BA in Music from Ramapo College of New Jersey. He continues to enjoy music on his free time.

951-735-5511 ext. 230

Blake Simone

Sales Representative

Blake joined CCI in 2019 as a Sales Representative for the Illinois, Michigan and Norther Indiana region. He brings 15 years of experience in screen production and purchasing. Blakes’s excellent management and organizational skills will continue to support and build relationships in the assigned territories. Blake enjoys playing and watching soccer, comic books, the outdoors, watching movies and podcasting.

Miles Murphy

Sales Representative

Miles joins CCI as a Sales Representative for the Colorado, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska region. He brings over 7 years of experience in screen production and sales. Miles’ excellent leadership and customer-centric skills will continue to support and build relationships in the assigned territories.  Miles enjoys playing and watching hockey in his free time.

951-735-5511 ext. 253