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CHEMBOND® 2000-H.T.A. is a fast drying, two-part (A & B), High Tension Adhesive. This adhesive offers excellent chemical resistance with very high shear strength. It is specifically formulated to bond fabric (mesh) to aluminum, wood, plastic, and all other types of metal. CHEMBOND® 2000-H.T.A.'s initial drying (bond) time of 3-10 minutes allows for quick screen "cut-out" and increased production. 1. Remove excessive adhesive residue from the frame. The frame surfaces should be even. Frames should be free of dust, oil, grease, water, and solvent before applying the adhesive. 2. Using slight pressure, apply CHEMBOND® 2000-H.T.A. with a short bristle brush or scrapper onto the bonding area of the mesh. Make sure that a sufficient amount of adhesive is worked through the mesh and obtains full contact with the frame. Bubbles in the adhesive indicate poor contact between mesh and frame. 3. Initial adhesive bond (frame cut-out) will be achieved within 3-7 minutes depending on ambient temperature, application thickness, and mesh count. After 3-4 hours, the adhesive is relatively resistant to water and solvent. Full cure and solvent resistance is achieved after 24 hours. KIT INCLUDES: 1 GAL. ADHESIVE, 1 QT. CATALYST Please call the office directly to purchase this product. 951-735-5511
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