CHEMBOND® HTA-2000 Thinner

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ChemBond® H.T.A.-2000 Thinner is used to reduce the viscosity of the adhesive. It is recommended for use with higher mesh counts, 305.40 - 420.31. ChemBond® H.T.A.-2000 Thinner may be added directly to catalyzed or un-catalyzed ChemBond® 2000 H.T.A. Adhesive. 5-10 % Thinner is recommended for higher mesh counts. CCI's ChemBond® H.T.A.-2000 Thinner may be added, 5-10%, to reduce the viscosity for higher mesh counts.


Warning: This product is flammable. Please look at our Safety Data Sheet for further information. 
Hazmat Fee: Size 1 Gallon is subject to a Hazmat Fee (FedEx $28.60 & UPS $44.00).
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