CMS Blue 072 Pigment Concentrate

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CMS Blue 072 is a water-based Color Mixing System ink for brilliant and correct color matches. It is designed for use with water-based ink systems. This product can be used with water-based discharge systems or with standard water-based ink systems. The CMS is a water-based Color Mixing System for brilliant and correct color matches. When combined with CCI's D-Base or W-Base the results are of bright vivid colors with an amazingly soft feel. When printing on white 100% cotton fabrics the cost per print is less than that of plastisol. This is a PVC free pigment system for 100% cotton fabrics.


Please use the following link to access our Free Color Mixing System: cci-cms.com

Here you can create 1,000s of colors with our water-based discharge inks.


Warning: Please look at our Safety Data Sheet for further information.
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