COASTALREEF/Powder Concentrated Floor Cleaner

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COASTAL-REEF is a heavy-duty, powder, floor cleaner designed for use on industrial-type floors (sealed or unsealed). This product is ideal for daily floor cleaning around presses and in the reclaim department. COASTAL-REEF will remove dirt, oil, grease, adhesives, plastisol, and water-based inks. It can also be used to clean equipment, steel and aluminum parts. COASTAL-REEF may be used manually or in automated floor cleaner equipment. MANUALLY Dilute 1 cup of COASTAL-REEF with up to 5 gallons of water. Floor Cleaner/Press Cleaner - Apply with a mop, brush or pad. Follow up with fresh water rinse. Parts Cleaner - Soak parts in solution. Scrub or brush accordingly. Follow up with fresh water rinse. AUTOMATED FLOOR CLEANING EQUIPMENT Follow equipment manufacturers recommendations for proper dilution ratio. AVAILABLE PACK SIZES: 5 GAL. (40lbs.)
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