ES-1 Soaking System /Backlit Booth

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CHEMICAL CONSULTANTS, INC. has continued to lead the Screen Printing Indstry in development of reclaiming related equipment for the printer who needs to have demands met or problems solved. The ES-1 COMBO's main purpose is for screen development. The ES-1 COMBO is used to soften and remove the emulsion from the image area which greatly increases the screen makers ability to keep up with production demand. Screens are placed in the soaking tank and allowed to soak for a few minutes. Continuous water agitation and recirculation in the soak tank helps to break down the unexposed emulsion. The screens are then trnsfered over to the adjoining sink. Water is pumped from the soaking tank and used to washout the image area, and then returned to the soak tank where it is then filtered again. *Please refer to downloadable Tech Data Sheet for further information regarding these units.
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