Prochem® HDX Hardener Remover

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ProChem® HDX is a specially formulated emulsion hardener remover. This product will break the chemical bond on a post-hardened emulsion. Once the chemical bond is broken, the emulsion can be removed using the normal procedure. ProChem® HDX improves the speed and efficiency of the reclaim procedure on difficult post-hardened screens. I Apply ProChem® HDX to both sides of a dry screen. Directly onto the post-hardened emulsion. II Scrub both sides of the screen with a brush or pad. Allow ProChem® HDX to dwell on the screen for 1-3 minutes. III High pressure water rinse both sides of the screen. AVAILABLE PACK SIZES: 1 QT. | 1 GAL. | 5 GAL. | 30 GAL. (DRUM) | 55 GAL. (DRUM)
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