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CCI’s Color Mixing System is a free program that creates 1000’s of colors using only a few inks. Our color mixing system is compatible with 6 different ink systems.

Compatible With The Following Ink Systems:

  • Water-Based Pigments
  • Water-Based Ready For Use Inks
  • Discharge Base CMS
  • Discharge Base Boost
  • LTC Plastisol Ready For Use Inks
  • T-Charge Ready For Use Inks

To access the Color Mixing System click here. You do not need to add this item to the cart to receive it, simply click the link to access the system.

How To Use The Color Mixing System:

  1. Click here to access the program
  2. On the dropdown menu “color system” select the correct color system you are working with
  3. On the dropdown menu “color code” enter the Pantone color you wish to create
  4. For “batch amount” enter in the amount of ink you wish to make
  5. Press “Customize Color” to load your color formula
  6. Press “Print label” if you wish to save this formula or label your ink container with the formula
  7. Use a scale and the given ink formula and begin to mix your custom color
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