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SCREEN WASH #142 GRAPHIC PRESS WASH / SPRAY & WIPE 0 reviews 0 reviews | Write a review APPLICATION SCREEN WASH #142 is designed for all inks, especially epoxy, plastisol, enamel, and UV inks. This product will perform as a press wash when changing colors between jobs and/or as a screen opener for continuous printing. SCREEN WASH #142 will protect the fabric from deep stains or ghosting from the image print. This makes it much easier when complete reclamation of the screen is necessary. SCREEN WASH #142 immediately liquifies the ink and dries quickly, leaves no film or oily residue. RECIRCULATING SCREEN CLEANER Card excessive ink from the screen. This product can be continuously re-circulated until product becomes too heavily soiled with solids. Used product may be filtered and re-used. *Dispose of in accordance with state, local and federal regulations. AVAILABLE PACK SIZES: 1 QT. | 1 GAL. | 5 GAL. | 55 GAL. (DRUM
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