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"SOLVEX #5 INK DEGRADENT 0 reviews 0 reviews | Write a review APPLICATION SOLVEX #5 is a water miscible ink degradent. It is highly effective on laquer ink, laquer stencil, enamel, vinyl, mylar, poster, UV, plastisol and epoxy ink. I When used for screen reclamation, begin by carding excess ink from screen. II Spray SOLVEX #5 onto the mesh and then scrub both sides with a non-abrasive brush or pad until the ink is liquefied. III High pressure water rinse all ink residue from the screen. By washing from the bottom to top, you will prevent the possibility of any ink locking itself back onto the mesh when it comes in contact with the rinse water. When finished, rinse with high pressure water. *Check with your local sanitation district regarding limitations on inks that are to be rinsed into the drain. AVAILABLE PACK SIZES: 1 GAL. | 5 GAL. | 55 GAL. (DRUM) "
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