Solvex #8 Press Wash

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Solvex #8 is designed for the removal of plastisol and UV inks when reclaiming your screen, or for removing the ink only and saving the screen. Solvex #8 is emulsion and capillary stencil safe. It will protect the fabric from deep stains or ghosting from the image print, which makes it much easier when complete reclamation of the screen is necessary. This product is excellent for the removal of pallet or belt printer adhesive. Solvex #8 can be used in a wide variety of innovative cleaning processes ranging from recirculation machines, screen printing dip tanks, or immersion cleaning processes. It may also be applied manually by a rag, spray bottle, or pneumatic pump systems. Solvex #8 is fast drying and leaves no film or oil residue so that the clean surface is in excellent condition for tape adhesion.


  • High Solvency
  • Low Odor
  • Mesh Safe
  • Emulsion Safe
  • Low Vapor Pressure
  • High Load Capacity to Reduce Usage
  • Multiple Applications


Warning: This product is hazardous and flammable. Please look at our Safety Data Sheet for further information.
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