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CHEMICAL CONSULTANTS, INC. offers the HPW SERIES, which revolutionizes the reclaim procedure. Inks and emulsions can be removed at unparalleled speeds. The HPW increases productivity, reduces labor costs and ensures consistent results. This unit also dramatically reduces the employee exposure to the rinsing of chemical residue. The advanced features and user-friendly functions surpass all other comparable technology. There are several models to choose from depending on your screen profile. Contact your local CCI Sales Representitive for a quote and to find out which unit might best accommodate your operation.

Product Overview

• Stainless Steel Construction

• Capable of Cleaning 600+ Screens per Shift

• Continuous Feed Conveyor System

• Accepts Multiple Screen Sizes without adjustments

     or racks

• Adjustable Reclaim Speed (1-8 ft. Per Minute)

• Integrated Automation Controls / PLC

• Optical Screen Tracking

• Reciprocating Washing Assemblies

• Adjustable High Pressure Water (300-2700PSI)

• Unexcelled Performance

• Low Maintenance


Safety Features

• OSHA compliant

• Reduces Employee Chemical Exposure

• Emergency Stop Switches

• Clutch Safety System (Conveyor)

• No External moving parts

• Over-Run Switch (prevents pile up)


• Exit Table Backlit Washout Booth

• Light / Washout Booth (Exit Table)

• In-Line Dryer

Models Available

• HPW / 1000 - 20” Height Capacity

• HPW / 2000 - 40” Height Capacity

• HPW / 3000 - 60” Height Capacity

• HPW / 4000 - 90” Height Capacity

*Please refer to downloadable Tech Data Sheet for further information regarding these units.

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