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CHEMICAL CONSULTANTS, INC. WASHOUT BOOTHS are designed to allow the operator to work in a cleaner and drier environment, thus improving operator safety in the reclaim area.CCI WASHOUT BOOTHS are available in Stainless Steel and Polypropylene. Standard and custom sizes are available as well. Contact your local CCI Sales Representitive for help in deciding what size might best accommodate your needs.

Product Overview

• High Density Polyethylene Construction

• Ultra Bright LEDs

• Easy to Add Backlighting

• Very Affordable

• Low Maintenance

• Minimal Space Requirement

• Easy to Assemble

• Made From Recycled Material

• Ships UPS !

Product Details

• Unit Dimensions:

32”W x 37”D x 65”H

(after assembly)

* Please refer to downloadable Tech Data Sheet for further information.

Available Through Distribution