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Chemical Consultants, Inc. offers an effective yet simple Bucket Washer. The BW-2000 makes the task of cleaning pails and tools of many sizes simple, while creating a cleaner and safer environment. This Unit runs very quiet, possesses a powerful washing system and is built to stand the rigors of everyday use.

Product Overview

• Removes ink from the inside and outside of pails

• Ink Removal System (Recirculation)

• Stainless Steel Construction

• Cleans 8 ( 1 ) Gallon or 2 ( 5 )Gallon pails per cycle

• Rotating and fixed spray jet assemblies with

     Stainless Steel nozzles

• External Draining Table

• Integrated Racking / Draining Assembly

Product Details

• OSHA Compliant

• Explosion Proof Motor

• Explosion Proof Control Panel

• Explosion Proof Wiring

• Stainless Steel Pump

• Adjustable Preset Cleaning Cycle Timer

• Automatic Safety Door Switch

• Closed Loop Recirculation System, which lowers

     Employee Chemical Exposure

• 40 Gallon Internal Holding Tank

• 7.5 HP / 230 V / 3 Phase Motor

• Overall Dimensions: 71"L x 40"W x 46"H

*Please refer to downloadable Tech Data Sheet for further information regarding these units.

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