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CHEMICAL CONSULTANTS, INC. offers a simple, affordable and durable line of Custom Dip Tanks. These Heavy Duty Dip Tanks are the best built soaking systems made  specifically for the purpose of screen reclaiming. Polypropylene is the only suitable material for this function. So before you buy another tank that will eventually turn into a "blue blob", give the Custom DT a look. Ideal for 2 in 1 Ink / Emulsion Removers. CCI also offers a wide range of equipment to handle a variety of needs that printers encounter.* Please refer to downloadable Tech Data Sheet for futher information.

Product Overview

• Polypropylene Welded Construction

• Ideal For Use with Emulsion Removers

• Ideal For Use with 2 n 1 Ink & Emulsion Removers

• Chemical Resistant

• Guaranteed Leak proof

• Dramatically Reduces Chemical Usage

• Economical

• Increases Production

• Low Maintenance

• Minimal Space Requirement

Product Details

• ½” Thick Polypropylene

• Includes Screen Hold-Down Assemblies

• Overall Dimensions: Built to Order

• ¾” Threaded Drain

• Includes ¾” ON/OFF Spigot

Optional Features

• DT Polypropylene Lid

*Please refer to downloadable Tech Data Sheet for further information regarding these units

Available Through Distribution

Tech Data Sheet


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