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CCI’s IWS / 2000 “Stationary” Series revolutionizes the image washout procedure. The image area is automatically washed out within the enclosed unit, recycling up to 80% of the water used. The final pass of the washout cycle utilizes fresh water to clean the screens prior to use. The IWS features a user friendly touch screen to control all aspects of the washout process, such as speed and water pressure. This allows the user to fine tune the process to their application, optimizing production efficiency.

Product Overview

•  Stainless Steel Construction

•  User Friendly Touch Screen Controls

•  LCD Display

•  Clear Doors for Viewing Washout Progress

•  Precision Screw Drive Carriage System

•  Adjustable Carriage System Speed (3-15 ft. per Minute)

•  Recycles Up to 80% of Water Used

•  Accepts Multiple Screen Sizes Without Adjustments or Racks

•  Adjustable Water Pressure

•  Unexcelled Performance

•  Low Maintenance

Safety Features

•  OSHA compliant

•  Emergency Stop Switch

•  No External Moving Parts

•  Door Switch (Prevents Unit from Running With The Door Open)

Unit Dimensions

•  83”W x 39”D x 93”H

Max Screen Size

•  50”W x 43”H

*Please refer to downloadable Tech Data Sheet for further information regarding these units.

Available Through Distribution

Tech Data Sheet

IWS / 2000 "Stationary" IMAGE WASHOUT SYSTEM

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